Saturday, 2 April 2011

Progress Saturday 2nd April 2011

Dear all,

A beautiful warm and sunny day that saw many Day with a Driver guests get the full treatment from the team.

Down the yard, the 8F group were in attendance and the DMU team completed many outstanding odd jobs on the newly arrived Class 101 vehicle. The day ended with the vehicle being joined up to the other two 101 vehicles to form the set for the opening weekend. Some more odd jobs are outstanding on this vehicle tomorrow. The rest of the set had an exterior wash.

The LMSCA were in attendance doing some last minute finishing touches to allow their coach to form part of the steam set at the opening as well.

The marquee was erected in the quadrangle at Wirksworth ready for the opening.

The Booking Hall reported that it was inundated with telephone calls and enquiries about the opening, with some more late bookings being taken. If you haven't booked already, some of the services are getting pretty busy so we recommend logging onto the website and booking to guarantee yourself a seat!

Mike Evans via Leigh