Sunday, 3 April 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 3rd of April 2011

Dear all,

A bright sunny day, except for a vast downpour the moment Henshaw
Enterprises opened a tin of paint. So, let's begin with the paint, which
was being applied to the platform 2 fence, and various posts. Round the
corner, at the north end of platform 3, tarmac was being applied to the
ramp approach to the picnic area and the picnic area fence was being
completed by one of the Duty Conscripts. The picnic area is now ready,
apart from some snagging. The other Duty Conscript moved a bag of
ballast which had been obstructing the approach to Dale Tunnel to a less
obtrusive spot, and later laid some spare sod on the car park
embankment. The sod concerned was then watered, about ten minutes before
Henshaw Enterprises engineered the afternoon downpour. Gardening
proceeded on the station embankment and in the quad garden, as well as
on the east embankment, where the Guerilla Gardeners were hard at it as

At Duffield work proceeded on the station and Booking Hall and staff
accompanying the Day with a Driver guests spoke in glowing terms of the
remarkable transformation to that station. All the Day with a Driver
guests also gave us very fine feedback about their experience today.

The LMSCA were present creating a corridor end cover for their pride and
joy, and the LMS brake van team have reached the stage of painting their
north end, though the grinder is still being applied to the south end.
The DMU team reported a gargantuan list of completion jobs on newly
arrived unit 50170 and unit 51505 ranging from cab work to
antimaccassars and cleaning to handrail fitting.

So, ladies and gentlemen. Many thanks for all your hard work, there is
now a brief moment of calm during which we will try and cure the newly
arrived leak in the Ladies Toilet (hey ho for last minute challenges),
fluff up the cushions, and try and locate the station cat, Spank, which,
as loyal readers of these annals will remember, was last reported on his
way back from a mercy dash to Buxton with a supply of digestive biscuits.

All the best,