Monday, 4 April 2011

Progress Monday 4th April 2011

Dear all
A day of steady endeavour as the great day approaches. The Incline had the benefit of a track patrol that confirmed all was well for this week's activities. The LMSCA were out in force to wash the coach and deal with some last minute snagging. They were greatly aided by Lewis who responded to a short notice call to move the coaching stock to Platform 2 so Alison did not have to stand on tip toes with her brush. The Third Open now is clean on both sides.
The owners of 78019 were present as part of the preparation for Wednesday and a steam test to take place tomorrow. Again, thanks to Lewis, the loco was moved to the coaling area and the tender filled up. Gary opened another tin of paint achieving a little more work on Platform 2 before his rainmaking skills caused the heavens to open again. His partner, Lynette, Head of Gardening, continued the Forth Bridge task on the station garden.
A refugee from Devon was put to good use in cleaning the Road/Rail Landrover and the Komatsu. His dialect is difficult to understand but if you are patient there are number recycled jokes available. We welcome Phil back to the fold for our significant week.
All the elements continue to come together including the fitting out of the Duffield Booking Office.
PS - At the suggestion of 78019's owning group there will be opportunities for aspiring drivers to take the controls of the locomotive for £20 a throw with 50% going to the owners funds and 50% to us. There are a couple of windows each day the loco is rostered to run, accommodating about five trainees a day, from Friday 8th April to Sunday 22nd May. These will be sold through the Booking Hall at Wirksworth and may be one of those things you've always wanted to do?