Friday, 22 April 2011

Progress Good Friday 22nd April 2011

Dear all
A wonderfully pleasant day free of any operational problems and a general feeling of wellbeing. I take the opportunity to thank everyone that actively participated and created a welcoming atmosphere for all our visitors at either end of the line. The Booking Hall and the equivalent at Duffield had a most successful day. The train crews performed perfectly and the Royal Saloon Attendant entertained his passengers. The Narrow Gauge was in action and the LMSCA stall had a steady successful trade. Our Bluebell Ground Frame supervisor orchestrated the interchange between steam and diesel with consummate ease. The tills were heard to ring in the EVRA shop although whistle sales can be a little wearing.
Ice Cream sales were brisk and the Catering Operation is getting ever slicker. Dorothy met an urgent request for eggs for the next three days Easter Egg hunt and, as ever, we remain indebted for this emergency response.
Another very good day.