Sunday, 27 March 2011

Supplementary Report Sunday 27th March 2011

Dear all
Anton will have his own take on the day as Responsible Officer for the time after we undertook a rehearsal for our Royal visit. The locomotive crew from the Great Central Railway were remarkably pleasant, and very tolerant, given that we had never operated a loco hauled train to and from Duffield and one of the coaches in the train had only been released for use the day before. The exercise involved a number of people and I thank them for giving up the day to engage in this trial. The whole process was most useful and highlighted areas that we have to improve on.
I cannot express how pleasurable it was to journey up and down the Ecclesbourne Valley in a three coach train hauled by a splendid steam locomotive and the ultimate accolade for me was to be instructed when arriving at home to get into the shower to remove then smuts from the journey. Memories!
The crew of No3 had a supplementary but most important role and I thank them for their support for the days experiments. It does make the efforts of so many so very worth while and I trust that everyone that participated enjoyed this slightly unusual day.