Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Progress Wednesday 9th March 2011

Dear all
I will address an omission from yesterday and add today's endeavours at Duffield where now have three "holes" in the platform to accommodate the Midland Railway lamp posts kindly donated to us by Laurence Knighton with a view to them being planted next week. There has been quite a lot of preparation along the platform and associated area ready to receive an instant lawn next week and put the information board back for viewing with the concrete preventing further movement. I have advised the Duffield team they can plant the flagpole at a position of their choice, or something like that.
Lewis and Richard entertained a Drive a Diesel Day client who thoroughly enjoyed his day with us. The team had arrived early to ensure the Works Train could be in position at the rerailing site and L J Breeze returned in time to gather up the client. At the end of the day the Works Train was retrieved and the combined group returned to Wirksworth. The PWT completed the insertion of 7 new 60 foot rails into the long welded section and found some lift plates for yesterday's rail replaced under bridge DJW6. Sundry other PW jobs were undertaken so that we are ready for more activity tomorrow as we gradually narrow down the outstanding tasks.
Coaching stock work featured at base today with Joe and John achieving some remarkable repairs to the toilets in the SK and you have to say that volunteers that spend their time repairing toilets deserve special thanks. Another John undercoated the south end of the Saloon's ceiling as we prepare this vehicle for its Royal role. Another team gave the SK a deep interior clean ready for playing its part in the opening celebrations. The LMSCA strode forward with a myriad of jobs in the Third Open with particular attention to finishing work and applying skirting boards to the lobbies.
The Booking Hall welcomed our Drive Diesel client and guests and processed more opening train bookings. Catering provided lunches for our clients and the train crew. Much supporting paper work was pushed around the desk and more tests set for our specialist drivers.
Another very good day.