Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Progress Wednesday 30th March 2011

Dear all
The heros of the day were the PWT who had a long day but cracked off five essential jobs. Two of them were the reinstatement of the last foot crossings removed for the passage of the tamper and a further two were drilling fishplate holes in rails that never appeared to have had a full set. We now have all fishplates with the requisite number of holes and bolts. The fifth task achieved was the replacement of a cracked fishplate. In addition they have delivered another load of logs to the distribution siding at Shottle. A very well done to all concerned.
The LMSCA were in evidence as they continued with electrical work, door lock maintenance and the application of internal transfers. I overheard a suggestion that they were taking two days off and cannot believe that this is true!
Mysteries surrounding the propane gas supplies to the water boiler in the Saloon have been finally solved and, again, thanks are due to the people that cracked this problem. Quite important with the upcoming travellers in the vehicle.
Carriage cleaning continued so that the presentation of our fleet will be pristine and further work was undertaken on the dmu fleet.
The Booking Hall dealt with the opening weekend bookings and many acceptances from the movers and shakers that have been invited through the five day extravaganza.
In the bowels of the organisation continued preparation for our inspection on Friday continued.
Not a bad day.