Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Progress Wednesday 2nd March 2011

Dear all
Another incredible day with some 60 people involved in a range of projects to speed us towards the opening. All eyes were on the Permanent Way Teams today as the tamper moved steadily forward to Duffield. Team one started at "Willow Crossing" north of Shottle and had the very unenviable task of clearing the sleepers of years of accumulated mud from soil washed down from adjacent fields. This team deserves a vote of thanks and I am sure they will benefit from Radox baths this evening ( and maybe a tincture). Another part of the Permanent Way team took the Works Train ahead of the Tamper and deposited more white gold beyond Postern Lodge Crossing before exposing the track fittings at Postern Lodge and Hazelwood so that the operator could see the sleeper spacing. The Tamper itself managed the section between the south of Shottle and the approach to Hazelwood, some 1 3/8 miles. Works Train and Tamper returned somewhat late for the EVR having had the joy of great achievements.
The LMSCA were in full cry with seat frames fitted in the small compartment and window glazing bars sealed. All glazing mouldings were fitted and the welding of bogie struts achieved.
The was a sealing of vents on the Mark 1 BSK as part of a long term project to return this vehicle to service and the Booking Hall continued to process a steady stream of bookings for the opening weekend. Hat's off to Tom Tait who has been walking the streets of Belper, Allestree and Quarndon to spread the opening word by leaflet drop. He has even talked his son into leafleting central Derby.
To replace stolen items a happy opportunity arrived from Develop Training in Derby to purchase a replacement "Bance" and "disc cutter". More money out but at least we have the necessary equipment again. Many thanks to David for pulling this together in amongst the welter of other activities.
Well done to everyone involved in today's work. Part of the end product is to see a railway that looks extremely good with smooth lines and gentle curves that we can be truly proud of.
Lots more to do in the next four weeks but I am sure we are up to it.
PS I attach a couple of pics of the tamper