Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Progress Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Dear all
Rod and Mary who have been undertaking a marathon makeover of the waiting shelter on Platforms 2 & 3 have completed their task to a very high standard. Another example of unsung heroes that keep our show on the road.
The tender of 78019 arrived this morning and was joined, not easily, to the locomotive and the ensemble moved to the pit road. I am providing you with a photo of the loco on shed at Wirksworth. Truly an event of great moment.
The PWT had a mixed day as they released an essential component for Duffield from the pointwork north of Cemetery Lane bridge and dealt with a load of lighting up timber that came from the now redundant umbrella platform at Idridgehay. The excess paint was cleansed from the Saloon windows with the aid of the coach being moved from Platform 1 to 2 and back again.
The Booking Hall continued the good work of processing booking for the opening weekend and the Komatsu and Road/Rail dumper were returned to Wirksworth after their sterling work at Duffield over the last few months.
There was a lot of background noise that seems to accompany anything to do with steam locos who seem like spoilt children constantly demanding attention.
Tomorrow hopefully will see more productive work with the VCT applying poster boards to previously prepared sites and the PWT dealing with the three footpath crossings that require retimbering. To that end any PW volunteers available should report to Wirksworth and the size of the assembly will determine whether the task can be completed by Landrover or Works Train. Close co-ordination with the VCT will be required. The incentive to attend as workers is that at some stage they will witness 78019 on its first excursion to Duffield and this remarkable opportunity is not available to anyone not participating in real work.