Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Progress Wednesday 16th March 2011

Dear all
Another exceptional day with around 50 people at various locations and I start with Tony Watts and his team who have, over the last two days, been attending to the very mundane but essential replacement of fish plate bolts many of which are incorrect for the track they have been used on. Our rail is all flat bottom from the south of Wash Green bridge at Wirksworth and there are specific bolts for this track. BR seem to have used "bull head" bolts occasionally and these are steadily being replaced but we are rapidly running out of them. Anyone got any put away in their garage or shed?
Network Rail returned on another team building day and tidied up the ballast north of Duffield without the bonus of experiencing Ferrybridge No3 later in the day. The VCT, fencing department, continued to stride forward at Duffield and the effect has transformed the place. After an inspection in connection with the Royal opening further fill was collected from Wirksworth and applied to Duffield platform. The lamp posts previously planted were painted and the flagpole erected at a position of the team's choice. Riddled soil was moved to the area ready for the lawn and this was the last riddling day as our own version of Wimbledon will be laid tomorrow.
John Allsop has put a magnificent cream finish to the Saloon's ceilings as recommended by the LMSCA and all it needs is a few smokers to give that unique patina so deserved by the vehicle.
The LMSCA have been beavering away with the seating in the Third Open and the Booking Hall has been processing more opening bookings.
We have entertained the Royal Protection Officer and representatives of Derbyshire Constabulary to ensure all our planned operations are acceptable and I am pleased to say the visit passed without problem. It all seems a far cry from cutting the first tree down in Wirksworth Yard but I think the end product will be very memorable.