Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Progress Tuesday 8th March 2011

Dear all
Another day of very solid progress towards our objective with quite a convoy leaving Wirksworth for the south. The Landrover, Komatsu and Works Train headed off for two major rerailing projects. The first of which was to unload to rails to replace the corroded ones under bridge DJW6, or Derby No 4, and this was achieved so that the defective rails can be eventually returned to the test area of the Gorsey Bank line. The major task of replacing some 113 metre of side cut rail commenced with the track severed and three "new" 20 metre sections inserted and plated up with clamps. This is major work for us and great credit is reflected on the PWT who attended in some strength to make it all happen. This work will continue through the week and all hands are welcome. The Works Train will leave Wirksworth at 0900hrs tomorrow so the LJB can participate in a Drive a Diesel Day starting at 1000.
The VCT cleansed the area between the A6 bridge at Duffield and the footbridge entailing two large fires at the burning site. Without the draw of free clothing the gang size had diminished to a magnificent five.
Rod and Mary continued their refurbishment of the waiting shelter on Platforms 2 and 3 at Wirksworth and the Saloon interior ceilings were scraped and primed ready for further attention as the week progresses. The DST declared Ferrybridge No3 ready for service having polished and cleaned the locomotive. They hope the operators of the loco will be equally house proud and will now turn their attention to further work on Henry Ellison.
The LMSCA reported that the lighting installation is now complete and have been varnishing the interior. Further parts have been manufactured and fitting out of the coach is under way. Mysterious electrical work has also been in progress (which means I don't really understand what they are doing as they have rather coy today)
After the Saloon ceiling scrape, Fred and Iris set to with the vacuum clearer and restored some sense of order. They will return next week for some serious polishing and woe betide any further creation of mess in the vehicle.