Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Progress Tuesday 22nd March 2011

Dear all

To anyone at all interested in the activities of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway today was very exceptional. At Duffield the platform was surfaced after months of very hard work to achieve a basic structure that can be finished by a layer of ashphalt. At the same time the instant lawn that arrived last Tuesday was laid on the prepared area but we remain a little short of turf which I have agreed to fund to complete the job. All concerned in this great adventure can take a bow, a job very well done.

The Duffield fencing project entered its final stage with the hanging of three gates and the application of more palins. Again, a most professional job that completes the Duffield picture. Paint was applied to the fencing at the north end of the platform until supplies ran out.

Wirksworth was not without significant activity with the DST painting and assembling parts for Henry Ellison and the extremely dirty job of preparing the Llangollen tank wagon to receive clean water. The sight of the team involved in this project had to be seen as the tank wagon harboured a dense layer of thick oil that has to be disposed of. If they were bird the RSPB would be mounting a rescue mission.

The LMSCA had much reason to bask in their achievements as the coach approaches completion. The results of their labours are quite spectacular and it will be very difficult to pursuade passengers to leave the ambiance of the vehicle.

There was much cleaning of the Saloon and the dmu fleet lead by Fred, Iris and June. June has majored on the dmus and would desparately like some help next Wednesday and Thursday. Our passengers may be engaged by visiting steam locomotives but will be very aware of the vehicle they are travelling in - presentation and cleanliness is all.

Lastly, the arrival of the front part of 78019 this afternoon, for me, really marked an event that was undreampt of ten years ago and signalled the start of a great celebration of the achievement of all the volunteers that have made the opening of the whole line possible. The second part of the locomotive is due tomorrow morning!

Neil has provided a link to the loco unloading process which I hope to interpret correctly - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxlnr-Qe1NU - and I have added a couple of photos that are extremely warming.