Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Progress Tuesday 1st March 2011

Dear all
As we enter the third month of our brave new year there was a great deal of productive activity with the Permanent Way Team attending in considerable numbers, causing a little initial work planning problem, resolved by the team dividing into various sub groups. The tamper support team departed in the Landrover ahead of the machine and filled the cribs at Shottle North Junction. The Landrover then went forward with another team to remove foot and accommodation crossing timbers to give the tamper a clear run through. In order to release a couple of rails to replace some wasted rails under bridge DJW 6 the Gorsey Bank line had two rails of good condition extracted for transport next week. The Gorsey Bank group then went to Shottle to clear some of the mud off the south end of the long welded section disturbed by the tamper's activities. The tamper, itself, progressed from Willow crossing through Shottle North and South Junctions including the switch and crossings at both locations covering around another 3/4 mile towards Duffield. Tomorrow sees a relatively straight forward plain line tamp during which we hope to make up some time after the late start yesterday and an hour's downtime today due to a machine problem.
The success at Wirksworth was No 3 passing its annual boiler examination after a lot of hard work by the DST. After receiving an affirmative the loco shunted the earlier loaded Dogfish from Wash Green dock and formed up the Works Train for tomorrow. The sight of No3 shunting loaded stone hoppers was quite a joy to behold and must be another first after around 50 years.
The VCT had an amazing turnout with 9 members in attendance. This was attributed to a very large donation of PPE to which everyone could help themselves - the plus of free gifts and many thanks to Develop Training of Derby for thinking of us. Some 10 loads of brash were moved, more hedge trimming achieved and two very large fires created.
Down at Duffield all our signage is now in place with many thanks to David, Chris and Richard. Fred and Iris gave their traditional deep clean of the Mess Hall which was in dire need of it!
A very good day.