Thursday, 31 March 2011

Progress Thursday 31st March 2011

Dear all
Another most productive day as many small but essential tasks were drawn to a conclusion. The PWT set sail by Landrover and dealt with a variety of snagging jobs that included a temporary solution to a broken up insulated joint just north of Idridgehay crossing and replacement of more bullhead fishplate bolts by approved flat bottom bolts. Rubbish that had accumulated adjacent to Barnsley Lane bridge was cleared reminding us that we shouldn't be amazed how some people treat the Railway as a convenient tip. The track has now been walked between Wirksworth and Duffield allowing for the appropriate reports to be compiled as to its present condition which I happy to say can be declared safe for next week's excitements.
The VCT basked in the glory of completing their work at Duffield and managed to transport several loads of brash to the burning site. It was reported that they achieved a giant fire which has ensured many of the team do no need immediate hair cuts. They also righted two sheep topping Tony's measly one last Sunday.
The S&T department erected signs that have rested in my office for some time to label the ground frames at Shottle and Duffield. They also managed to dispose of the projecting supports for the former Vodaphone tower at Duffield.
Alex, Lewis and Richard spent the day cleaning and polishing D8001 which will be the standby locomotive next Wednesday and whilst steam has featured for obvious reasons we mustn't forget how valuable this machine is to our day to day life and revenue. So a photo is attached.
The SK had further work to ensure its toilets work and the LMSCA didn't go on holiday for two days, they were back again to strengthen the varnish finish in the Third Open. The Saloon had the south end compartment's carpet shampooed and further research into filling the toilet tank. The lone carriage cleaner worked through the 3 car dmu finding a lot of condensation gathering on the internal window sills. We will have to be careful to wipe these off before the first train of the day when the ambient weather conditions generate this unwanted water bath. Antimacassars were applied to the SK to give that extra feeling of luxury.
Duffield saw the Perspex sheets arrive and applied to the shelter between the Cabin and the garages. At least we have a little undercover accommodation now. More cream paint was applied to the Midland Railway lamp posts.
The Booking Hall completed that last of the on line and postal reservations for the opening weekend and processed a further useful group booking. Accommodation for this period will now need to be booked in person at Wirksworth
Another most satisfactory day.