Thursday, 24 March 2011

Progress Thursday 24th March 2011

Dear all
A sight I suspect many of us thought may never happen, but it did, 78019 whistled and proceeded to Duffield to check that all the clearances along the line where suitable for the locomotive. All was well and a second run followed with many gazing on in amazement. These runs were fitted in with activities along the line by the PWT and VCT causing the two landrovers to climb on and off track a number of times. However, the PWT managed to replace one of the footpath crossings out of the three to be achieved and the VCT erected three banners announcing the opening and returned to the Duffield fencing project.
The LMSCA continued with a number of interior finishing jobs in the Third Open and Ernie started the process of lining out the exterior. A start was made on sparkling up the Class 20 for its supporting role on Royal day and the carriage interior cleaning continued apace.
Much activity on the underlying bureaurocracy continued to great effect and the Booking Hall processed more bookings for the opening weekend.