Thursday, 17 March 2011

Progress Thursday 17th March 2011

Dear all
The LMSCA put another full day in with further seat installation and more manufacturing of parts. Electrical work also progressed and the woodwork in the coach received more stain. The stain was also seen on the applicator.
The VCT are doing wondrous fencing things at Duffield in transforming the vista there along with its practical uses as a barrier. They are being offered a lot of contract work by the good people of Duffield and this will be acceptable as long as there is a 10% Railway Premium. (Maybe 15%, on reflection)
The Duffield Platform project involved the aid of a mini digger and roller. The platform surface is as ready as it can be for the surfacing work next week and the riddled soil has been spread so as to accept the turf for the area to be grassed. There is another general appeal for rakes and their supporting people next Tuesday as we would like to complete this task before the turf dries out.
The ceiling of the kitchen area of the Saloon has been undercoated and the fencing around the Information Centre and EVRA shop has benefited from some attention. The border at the south end of Platform 1 has been the subject of much tidying and the Booking Hall continued to process opening weekend bookings.
The point rodding at Duffield North Junction was adjusted following the realignment of the track by the tamper and all is now reconnected to the ground frame. The Works Train was returned to Wirksworth and, after collecting a Lowmac from Shottle, removed the detritus from Shottle platform produced by the lift expired ramped platform area.
Another great day.
I will detail tomorrow the projects to be achieved over the next two weeks which will really decide whether we are in a condition to open as planned the week after that.