Saturday, 5 March 2011

Progress Saturday 5th March 2011

Dear all,

A strange sort of a day where the DMU team pottered about in their 180 foot long rail-mounted mobile garden shed. Tasks completed included looking at various odd jobs that needed doing to ready the vehicles for service, the painting of the seat plates and a start was made on clearing out all of the unwanted items that are left over from the restoration. A moment was had to reflect on the 2 years that had passed during the restoration now the end is in sight. It is both a very exciting time and also a sad time as well. One can remember the many joys and frustrations that have taken place along the way!

Interestingly, the LMSCA were in a similar sort of mood. They were seen in the mess room with large smiles on their faces, having installed all of the seat frames now! This is a major milestone. Underneath, the drawgear was adjusted to allow for a smoother ride.

Some ballast was moved from the track around Platform 3 and by the same subject of track, the tamper departed for its next challenge.

The 8F group were doing something mysterious inside their coach as well.

Oh, and Richard Hatch made the tea.

Mike Evans via Leigh