Sunday, 20 March 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 20th of March 2011

Dear all,

Another day where several groups and individuals throbbed around the
station. The day began with the Joy of Shunting and with the DMU team
making a test run of their choicest vehicles. This identified one or two
twinges including a recalcitrant corridor connection which yielded to
the world famous British Rail method of lively swearing and the
application of the hammer. Overall, however, the run was a great success
and some further finishing touches of step boards and paintwork were
applied to the 108 and the Met Cam set. As this set passed through
Idridgehay, Taylor of Grangemill was noted applying further paint to
that station. The Duffield Orange All-Rounders were occupied all day
showing some new members the magnificence of our endeavour. They must
have been quite, quite exhausted.

In the yard at Wirksworth another 23 sets of fishplate bolts and nuts
were refurbished for use this week, prior to some fishplate greasing, by
way of variety. Fishplate greasing was also taking place on the narrow
gauge, with Higham Enterprises being greased up to the elbows by the end
of the day. The LMS brake van continued to have its parts ground and new
sections of slightly pre-used angle iron fitted.

Around the station further cleaning was in hand and both the back of the
Information Room and the Museum Carriage were de-greened. The Rod and
Mary show carried on with the marathon painting of the platform shelter.
The picnic area fencing crept forward but in the absence of the Duty
Conscript, presumably due to underwear issues, more still needs to be
done. The BSK has benefited from a little casual attention to its roof
and Dan had been hard at it with the grinder. Some of this has been
primed today to keep the rust off.

All the best,