Sunday, 13 March 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 13th of March 2011

Dear all,

Well, today the Railway resembled nothing so much as an ant heap stirred
with a stick. Indeed today's report is so long that it is not possible
to know whether we are going to arrive at the Thong and Constable (A
Vintage Inn) in time for a 2-for-1 curry. So let us begin with Riddling
at Duffield and move rapidly down the line to Wirksworth. A damp start
which cleared to a lovely sunny day.

The DMU team, in a mammoth programme, accomplished the following:
Locks fitted to Centre Car heater panels and Centre Car door backs
This completes the work on the Centre Car with huge thanks to all
involved. For all intents and purposes it is now ready.
Attention then turned to the class 108:
All emergency equipment was painted red;
All detritus was removed;
The guards van floor was painted using the Ladies Toilet floor paint;
Up to this point these efforts engaged the whole DMU team, however
Ashbourne Green then engaged in a further frenzy of activity which
included changing all the seat bases with the available replacements and
then Hoovering them. After which he fitted all the window latches, pop
riveted a number of seat backs, tidied the cab, painted several cab
parts and calibrated the windscreen wipers. He has now gone home to sit
in a darkened room.

In the weighbridge 30 sets of fishplate nuts and bolts were fettled.
The Booking Hall dealt with a sudden rush of visitors which the sun had
brought out, together with heavy demand for ice cream (a first for this
The exterior of the entire and utter Gat Ex was first scrubbed,
de-molded and then pressure washed, from breakfast to teatime. Straight
Tom being compelled to use an expletive to describe his aching back
following this marathon of cleansing. After this it received new decals.
Higham Enterprises assisted by Captain Jack polished the bogies of the SK.
The LMS brake van, which is popular with the makers of angle grinding
discs, continued to be chipped away at.
The Duty Conscript was discovered to be overjoyed by the construction of
fencing and the number of lengths of wood which had to be brought in
rapid succession as post after post was dug in and then the upper rails
bolted on, created a supply problem which was only solved by Matt and
Captain Jack going up and down the yard with big lengths.
The platform shelter continued to receive its repaint from the Rod and
Mary Show until we ran out of Magnolia.
At the same time the north end platform 2/3 fence was also being
titivated, a word which will probably catch out those of you with
Parental Controls.

and that, my dears, is that for the moment... Oh, and people keep
donating vast loads of magazines. Can we please have Radox instead...