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Progress Monday 14th March 2011

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Dear all
Monday used to be a day of quiet reflection and I am sure it will be after the next few weeks excitements. However, today has been another day of intense activity with the LMSCA taking the lead in jobs achieved. Varnishing has been completed in the "large saloon" together with the fitting of seat backs and headrests. Wood armrests have been manufactured and a start made on the cross lobby. Skirting boards for the toilet lobby have been produced. The LMSCA team have rarely been away from site over the last few weeks and are in sight of the finishing post. All their efforts will be rewarded as they bask in the compliments that will come their way in about three weeks time. I do feel a deadline for completing the BTK would be ever so helpful!
A lonely fishplate bolt fettler completed another 25 to add to the 30 achieved yesterday. Hard work but saving significant expenditure in these hard times.
At Duffield the team pressed forward until lunch called for some of them. Nonetheless, further preparation of the platform continued and the Midland Railway lamp posts had electrically boxes fitted before they are planted.
I was relieved that the welders completed their work today and the "long welded" section between Idridgehay and Shottle is again welded into one section. This section of line will haunt us for a little while as we will have further wasted rail to deal with in the not too distant future together with stressing the rails in the warmer weather.
The SK had more work to its toilet system and the Booking Hall dealt with an ever increasing number of phone calls. The Chairman and I were seen cosily reviewing our Safety Management System which I can say is not the most exciting task but very essential to opening on time.
PS All hands to Duffield tomorrow please and there is a general plea to bring a rake with you as the instant lawn is due for delivery. To inspire you I attach an interesting, I think, pic taken during a railtour to Wirksworth some years ago. I am not sure of the date but it was taken by Chris Thornburn who has been Membership Secretary of the Tramway Museum Society for a great number of years.