Friday, 25 March 2011

Progress Friday 25th March 2011

Dear all
Another most satisfactory day with the highlight being an announcement from the Duffield platform team that all has been completed. Their energy and dedication will be remembered for a long time and they have a most fitting memorial to all the work. I attach a couple of photos unencumbered by people or trains that show the end product in all its glory.Very well done!
Alan reports he has also now completed the refresh of the paintwork at Idridgehay and he also deserves a vote of thanks for tackling this single handedly. This is a popular photographic vantage point and his handiwork will feature a great deal in the coming weeks.
More painting at Wirksworth with the Booking Hall receiving an exterior makeover after suffering the ravages of a harsh winter. Engineering has also featured today with the manufacture of steelwork to mount the lever frame numbers at Duffield and Iris having its speedometer returned to active use. Hydra and Tommy will be leaving us on Monday for use elsewhere and there has been a stripping of any useful parts before their departure.
The lone bolt fettler has been putting the results of his work to good effect with 20 fishplate bolts replaced in the Hazelwood area and two surface drains through ballast cleared. Cleaning of our coaching stock also featured helped by the restoration of water supplies after two days without this essential commodity.
Rather a lot to do in all areas over the next seven days so if you can help please come on down.