Friday, 18 March 2011

Progress Friday 18th March 2011

Dear all
A most valuable job, that has been slightly neglected as we Dash for Duffield, has been achieved with the oiling up of all the point slide chairs in Wirksworth Yard including the Wash Green crossover. Iris received an "A" exam and many small jobs undertaken on the dmu fleet.
A lone worker in the Third Open made further inroads to the assembly of the seating and cleaning of the recently arrived tank wagon made slow and steady progress.
Much more work was moved forward with our record keeping and the final draft of the revised Rule Book put to bed. This will be available electronically in the near future and both Stuart and I thank June for all her hard work as she made sense of our many amendments and thorough reorganisation of the document. I am very pleased with the new document and, whilst not perfect, is a considerable improvement on what went before.
The plot for next week is that Tuesday will concentrate on Duffield with modifications to the loop points at Duffield North that were disturbed by the tamper, lawn and surface laying on Duffield Platform and completion of the fencework. If there are enough people we will move on to replacing the timber in three foot crossings that was uplifted for the passage of the tamper. Wednesday will see further permanent way jobs tended to, replacement wooden sleepers dropped off to replace some attacked by the tamper and a gathering of lineside material. Thursday will see fishplate bolt replacement continuing. There still remains a great deal to do before the opening and all are welcome to participate.