Friday, 11 March 2011

Progress Friday 11th March 2011

Dear all
Many achievements today to gladden the heart. Alan Taylor who has been single handedly restoring the fencing and gates at Idridgehay has had a further day of progress and pointed out that I hadn't noticed his efforts to remove the verdigree from the Down Distant Signal Board. I, of course, apologised for this oversight!
The dmu team have largely completely the installation of seats in the Met-Cam centre car giving us a high capacity three car train that should be able to cope with the most ambitious days in 2011. There is even space for a catering trolley which I hope will be introduced at some time soon.
The extra special permanent way day today occupied the four brave souls that completed the "stoning up" of four footpath crossings. This was commended to us by HMRI as it avoids the placing of half timbers and produces a completely non slip surface. The Midland Railway lamp posts have been delivered to Duffield platform so that the necessary electrical connections can be laid in before they are lifted into place. Open "man holes" north of Shottle have now been covered and the clamp plates removed from the new rail inserted in the previously long welded section removed. A trolley was positioned so that the welding team can have an early start to reweld everything up again. Be aware that this exercise will cost over £7,000 and wasn't included in our plans for 2011.
A little cry of surprise emanated from Duffield as Rodney realised that his cabin had been loaded to a rail vehicle and was reminded that this was a fast moving scene as we approached opening day. I think there are now only three riddling days left.
A most productive and useful day.
Those of you who are shareholders will find two extra steam hauled trains on Shareholder Day loaded to the web site in response to demand.
I am sure you will join me in wishing Ann Walker a speedy recovery after seeming to have a slight stroke last night. She is being cared for at Derby Royal and further progress will be reported as news comes in.