Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fw: Progress Tuesday 15th March 2011

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Subject: Progress Tuesday 15th March 2011

Dear all
Another extraordinary day with 60+ people at various locations on our Railway. The most visible teams were the VCT and PWT that had a mass attack on Duffield with further fill and rolling of the platform and spectacular and speedy progress on the fencing that will separate the running lines from any future car parking opportunities. The VCT also managed to sub divide into a further team that moved brash to the burning site and ignited a super fire to consume the debris. There was a most positive response to the appeal for rakes which were used to very good effect on the platform fill. The accompanying photos show that a little rock breaking helped the filling process.
We also benefited from a Network Rail team on a team building day who completed 100 yards of ballast fettling before enjoying themselves at Wirksworth with a special steaming of Ferrybridge No3. The DST didn't just enjoy themselves, or so they said, but continue to paint parts of Henry Ellison and extracted previously stored tubes for the loco so that the 8F group can get to grips with retubing the boiler.
Fred and Iris conducted their weekly deep clean ritual of the Mess Hall and maintained the upgrading of the Saloon. The LMSCA achieved further miracles in the Third Open illustrated by a pic that doesn't do their work full justice but you can see John and Allison admiring their work.
The Works Train returned the Rudd to Wirksworth this evening and positioned it in the Wash Green Dock for further platform fill to be delivered tomorrow.
I telephoned Graham Walker this morning with a question and was delighted that the phone was answered by Ann who is now home and being tended to by visiting nurses. A very good recovery and a good sign for the future.