Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fw: Progress Thursday 3rd March 2011

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Subject: Progress Thursday 3rd March 2011

Dear all
The PWT followed the Tamper to achieve an amazing amount of remedial work with 45 fishplate bolts replaced or inserted where there were none, dealt with a rail joint that was secured by a clamp because the rail gap had become enlarged involving the adjustment of rails either side.Unfortunately a further problem joint had to be clamped leaving more tasks to be achieved in the near future. The Tamper achieved a further mile and finished today in the area of MP 134 1/4 leaving quite a demanding day tomorrow. Many thanks are due to everyone involved in this most important project.
The VCT were somewhat inhibited by the Tamper operation but were able to concentrate on the opening up of views south of Hazelwood consuming the resultant brash with one large fire. Special thanks to Alan who has prepared and fixed his home produced bridge numbers to DJW 11, 20 and 23.
The LMSCA were unusually verbally quiet today as they continued the installation of seats and further down the Yard the recently acquired tank wagon is gradually being painted gloss grey. Rail clamps were serviced ready for use next week with the re-railing project on the long welded section.
The Booking Hall continued a satisfactory process of issuing opening weekend tickets generating very much needed cash.
PS The forward schedule now looks like this - Tamper work completed tomorrow, rail loaded from Gorsey Bank and train prepared on Monday for next Tuesday to take all rails to site with the Komatsu in attendance. Long welded section cut and new rail laid with the welder booked for the following Saturday and Monday. This coming Monday will also see the Royal Saloon and SK positioned in Platform 1 for remedial work.