Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Progress Wednesday 2nd February 2011

Dear all
A day without glamour but mundane and very essential tasks being undertaken with the PWT straightening some 50 sleepers south of Shottle. This job is related to the planned visit of a tamper that will line and level the track. Unless the sleepers are exactly 90 degrees to the rail and properly spaced the tamper will not work correctly and could damage the timbers.
The steelwork that will complete the troughing at the north end of the Duffield platform was installed and work will continue tomorrow on the installation of the remaining tactiles. Fred, Iris and Dorothy further deep cleaned the Buffet Car and sparkled up the Mess Hall. This unseen and often unappreciated work is vital to the overall presentation of our enterprise particularly after a Tuesday when nobody seems capable of washing their own pots and plates!
The Works Train was assembled for a quick getaway tomorrow and a permanent way trolley received repairs. Miscellaneous debris was removed from the three "flat" wagons so that they can remove brash from Duffield and then be loaded with redundant materials from Duffield.
Much work went on in the Buffet Car to restore the ravages of the winter on its plumbing and the Booking Hall dealt with the latest applications for tickets on the opening weekend.
Late a night, for us, some 500 Backmann wagons arrived on a pallet and are now in secure storage for sale to expectant purchasers. Good job they are "oo" guage.
The LMSCA, who seem to be working seven days a week now, moved ever onward with the Third Open.
Another good and productive day.