Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Progress Wednesday 23rd February 2011

Dear all
The main task today was to realign the pointwork into the north end of what will be Shottle loop. This has been achieved but the age and condition of the components may require a revisit after the excitements of the opening. The impending visit of the tamper will help things in the immediate.
Tony's sleeper squaring team were in action between Duffield Tunnel and the Holloway Road foot crossing and it is estimated that there is around half a mile to process. This will be accomplished tomorrow and Sunday if enough of the team turn out. PW staff should report to Duffield in the morning to continue this vital work.
Back at base there was movement of a dmu to facilitate Friday's customer visit and there was some activity in the model railway container. Cladding of the "steam shed" was completed and the Booking Hall processed today's opening special bookings.
The next five weeks are largely determined for us - Week 1 Tamping - Week 2 cut and insert new rail on the long welded section - Week 3 fill and level Duffield platform plus fencing of Duffield loop - Week 4 surface Duffield platform - Week 5 further HMRI inspection.