Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Progress Tuesday 8th February 2011

Dear all
I have had to take refreshment before embarking on today's report given the amazing productivity of all our teams but first I have to undertake my version of the Guardian's corrections and clarifications. My reference to "pac" testing should, of course, be "PAK" testing with many thanks to the electrical engineer for pointing this out! I also lead you to believe that Shottle North pointwork was being rearranged and this should have been the alignment of the track from Shottle North to Shottle South. I feel humble, well not so humble, to have mislead you as your scribe for the day's events.
However, ever onwards the Saloon has now had the treatment of the west side and both ends together with below the windows on the west side. It fair gleams and is a great credit to John Allsop who is masterminding the transformation. Further deliveries of materials for Duffield platform arrived at Wirksworth this morning and transport was arranged for these vehicles and the already loaded Dogfish to site.
The VCT had another very productive day with numerous loads of brash being moved from Duffield to the two fire burning site and Alan found the time to prepare and undercoat mileposts 133 1/2 and 133 3/4 which all leads to the splendid presentation of our lineside furniture.
The LMSCA tended to lights, lobby and saloon floors together with the application of further veneer wall panels. The DST prepared Ferrybridge No3 for its inspection by the boiler inspector next week.
Back to the Shottle activity which witnessed a magnificent turnout to slew the track to Mick's pegged out centre line and produced a straight line between the turnouts at Shottle North and Shottle South. This process needed a lot of people particularly for the panel in concrete sleepers used in connection with our testing work. Even more spectacularly the team split into two after the slewing to return to sleeper squaring between Shottle and Hazelwood. It would seem that given a good team tomorrow that this work will be complete ready for the visit of the tamper.
The three Dogfish deposited their white gold on the shoulder of the long welded section south out Idridgehay. Long welded track needs plenty of stone to prevent movement as temperatures change and our section is somewhat light in places. Should there ever be a hot summer again the stone will constrain the track from moving too much.
Also achieved to today with the help of a young offender and minder was a trench at the back of the coping stones on Shottle platform enabling them to be pushed back into position at a later date. This will contribute to making Shottle platform safe prior to its refurbishment at some date in the future.
The Duffield platform team have had a most productive day with a further 65 tactiles laid and the cabling at the back of the platform installed and the troughing had all its lids placed.
The Booking Hall team have also been working at some speed to stuff the shareholder offer and around 50% of the envelopes have now been posted. On line booking have been processed and posted to customers for the opening weekend.
All those who participated in yet another wonderful day should enjoy their moment of history as I doubt any other railway in the UK match your achievements today.