Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Progress Tuesday 22nd February 2011

Dear all
The Stanier Third Open occupies centre stage today after an energetic sanding of the floors yesterday the fitters arrived to fit the unusually named linoleum and very smart it looks. Much activity also undertaken under the coach as the electrical supplies were fitted. The Down (west) Side doors were adjusted so they clunk nicely and further progress was made with the seat ends. Alison lead a lonely life cleansing the Courier Van that will support the LMSCA's restoration efforts. The Third Open is coming on with very substantial leaps and bounds reflecting great credit on all concerned. A similar speed of progress is demanded of the Brake Third Corridor - I feel slightly negative vibes coming towards me.
The PWT turned their attention to the point work at Shottle North and unscrewed and realigned the turnout into Shottle Siding including turning the closure rail that was badly worn on the running edge. They were not helped and quite despondent after the Tool Van located there was found to have been robbed of some £6,000 of equipment sometime between last Thursday and this morning. Given the pressure everyone is under to deliver the opening this loss is deeply felt and has resulted in the need to hire in the necessary equipment to continue the work.
The VCT continued their good work at Duffield shifting numerous loads to the burning site with its two fires and exposing the A6 bridge in all its glory. Duffield is virtually unrecognisable after all the efforts of the team.
The DST has fitted the new brick arch to No3 and readied the locomotive for its intensive steam tests next week. The Saloon had its first gloss applied to its west side and the solebar together with the bogies are beginning to benefit from a coat of black gloss.
The Booking Hall processed bookings for the Shareholder day and opening weekend which are being received at a steady rate. New stock arrived with a very attractive EVR "turnip" watch and some very special celebration opening mugs.
In many ways we feel like salmon swimming up stream to spawn at the moment, although there is no time for that sort of thing, with the new need to purchase 10 lengths of rail (£4,500) to meet the demands to change side cut rail on the long welded section, weld it all up (£3,000), tarmac Duffield Platform (£4,000), fence the Duffield site (£1,500), manage the tamper (£10,000) and fit all this into the next four weeks.
If you find a somewhat terse response to questions unrelated to this final push please forgive us!