Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Progress Tuesday 1st February 2011

Dear all
Probably over 60 people at various locations along our enterprise with a mind numbing variety of tasks being undertaken. The DST washed the boiler of No3 out in preparation for a visit by the Boiler Inspector to conduct his annual internal examination. The LMSCA encouraged 8 people to join them today with the fixing of veneer panels achieved and the repair of the flooring in the lobby's. The Pass Com, or communication cord, was deemed to be operational although a small amount of pipework is necessary to complete the project. Special thanks to Graham Walker who used his expertise to bring the project to near conclusion.
At Duffield the PWT completed he boxing in of the stone delivered over the past two weeks and the platform project benefited by the application of the "MOT Type 1" and broken concrete supplied allowing for the construction of the stabilising back wall by the application of metal angle iron at the north end.
The VCT reported a team of seven that achieved two fires, six loads of brash transported, two chainsaws in operation and, in addition to work at Duffield, a further 200 yards opened up around milepost 134.
Deep in Wirksworth yard the BSK had paint applied to the Guards brake area and the temporary steam engine shed finally had the roof panels placed. Yet more ballast was delivered for transport on Thursday.
The Booking Hall was in action processing the first of the on line bookings for the opening and brought the process up to date.
It is exhausting keeping up with the sheer endeavour and determination to meet deadlines.