Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Progress Tuesday 15th February 2011

Dear all
Another day of supreme effort with the VCT dealing with two large trees and sundry other items just north of Duffield Tunnel with six loads of brash shipped to the burning site which disposed of this with two large fires. The DST received the boiler inspector to look at No3 in cold condition with all the associated preparation work necessary for this day.
The LMSCA had a large team in attendance to deal with wood staining, building of seat ends, light fittings and the receipt of more finishing wood. A little reported project is the steady restoration of the Mark 1 BSK (Brake Second Corridor) with the interior brake end painting completed and a start made on floor painting. A partition was fitted and a door removed for welding repairs. A total of 9 people were involved in these coaching projects today.
The PWT split into two teams, one of which continued the process of sleeper squaring and the other dealt with clipping up the extension to Shottle loop and positioning of the signage required to prevent unauthorised movements from the siding there onto the main line.
There has been much debate about resolving the problem of side cut rail on the long welded section and through the good offices of Bob Gibbens we have had further good advice from a former Network Rail Area Maintenance Engineer and a possible solution is beginning to emerge.
A tremendous amount of energy is being put into the documentation that supports our Railway Safety Case and I pass my sincere thanks to everyone involved. We welcomed a party from the former School of Transport at Derby and a dank, dull day. They were most ably hosted by Patrick, Tom, Richard and Graham and fed by Jeff. Thanks also to Rod and Mary for firing up the narrow gauge to add a little extra to their visit.
Another excellent day in most inclement conditions but with the joy of a plethora of bookings for the opening trains and the finance that accompanies them.