Thursday, 24 February 2011

Progress Thursday 24th February 2011

Dear all
The permanent way team were very occupied today with a solitary two men resuming the sleeper squaring project achieving a magnificent 3/8 of a mile leaving around 18 panels to complete on Sunday subject to the necessary assistance. The remainder of the team deposited further white gold on the long welded section and squared the remaining concrete sleepers that were out of line. The Works Train returned to Wirksworth with the Sturgeon and Flatrol in the consist and shunted them to the Car Park to receive tomorrow's rail delivery. The remaining bagged ballast in the Car Park was loaded together with Midland Railway lamp posts. The now empty Dogfish were shunted into the Wash Green dock for yet more ballast.
The VCT had a most successful day moving numerous loads of brash to the burning site where there was one giant fire to consume them. A Duffield garden north of the Holloway Road foot crossing with no fencing was dealt with and the team were well looked after by the home owner after taking down a dead tree in the garden.
The Saloon had its final coat of gloss on the west side and lining out will commence on Monday if weather conditions are good. The linoleum in the Third Open was welded successfully to seal the joints and it looks a real treat.
The Booking Hall continued to process ticket sales for the opening, volunteers and shareholders days. This activity will resume again next Tuesday.