Thursday, 17 February 2011

Progress Thursday 17th February 2011

Dear all
The west side of the Saloon has now received it undercoat allowing for the first top coat application early next week.
The VCT reports an excellent day at Duffield with further felling and eight trailer loads of brash being moved to the burning site with two large fires. Alan managed to finalise the painting of mileposts 133 1/4 and 133 1/2 as part of the essential lineside improvements.
The PWT divided into two gangs with one continuing with sleeper squaring covering 3/8ths of a mile to be within sight of milepost 134 1/2 leaving a mile and a quarter to be dealt with on Sunday and next Tuesday.
At Shottle the coping stones were pushed back to be within gauge except for a section at the south end of the platform where the wall will have to be rebuilt. This work is designed to ensure trains can safely pass the station until such time we can undertake construction work.
The Booking Hall continued to process ticket processing for the opening weekend.