Thursday, 10 February 2011

Progress Thursday 10th February 2011

Dear all
A day when we welcomed two Railway Inspectors to a physical inspection of the proposed new section from Idridgehay to Duffield that will open in early April. In summary they are content and complementary about all that has been achieved since their last visit and deem the line safe subject to the ongoing work that will continue for the weeks to come. However, there was much debate concerning the side cut rail on the long welded section that extends from "Old Lane Bridge" through to "Willow Crossing", some 400 metres, which will require transposing before we open. This is something of a showstopper and is now exercising the grey matter to work out a solution and the methodology of achieving this within the timescale. Nonetheless it will be done!
The Booking Hall completed the Shareholder mailout and an encouraging amount of activity has been generated by those receiving the first batch. The PWT completed a further 3/8th of mile with the sleeper squaring project. It was a delight to see the completing of the installation of tactiles on Duffield platform and the team there have placed the edging the will define the area to be tarmaced between the garages and the former Vodaphone building. The key players in this exercise are now off to Spain!
At Wirksworth the LMSCA installed the last section of piping for the "pass-com" system with the aid of our resident plumber, John Gratton. Light shades manufacturing continues and the electric cable routing determined. The first sections of the hardwood beading were made and fitted to the seat ends. Beading and trim is being made up of over 500 separate pieces of "Utile". All of which has to be manufactured from scratch. It is difficult to overestimate the amount of energy and dedication going into this project.
We have another day with HMRI tomorrow where all our paperwork will be reviewed. Be prepared for a somewhat rambling report of these events! Many thanks to Hylton, Graham and Jeff for facilitating today's visit.