Sunday, 27 February 2011

Progress Sunday the 27th of February 2011

Dear all,

I speak to you now from the parlour of the Whore and Trumpet (A
Marston's House), where embrocation is being applied to our parts after
another tumultuous day. Following the (no doubt) considerable joy of
motorists on many roads between Toddington and here, the tamper arrived
on a gargantuan but slow low-loader and then had to be turned so that
the sharp end faces south. Inevitably the heavens opened at this point,
but the low-loader crew met this with their usual resignation in the
face of torrential rain, much the same having happened at Toddington
this morning where they also had to turn the tamper. Surely, you may
say, was it not the right way round in the first place? Er, yes, it was.

Meanwhile in preparation for the tamper, the Sunday P-way gang had been
toiling on Hazelwood straight, where 5 panels of sleepers were squared,
drainage channels improved, and scrap collected.

Around Wirksworth Yard, the steam team lit up Ferrybridge No3 and tested
its brick arch by taking it to Idridgehay Gates before declaring
themselves happy. Meanwhile the Taylor Process, whose top secret method
appears to consist of a bucket of water with bleach, was continuing to
be applied to said gates and nearby items. Much the same approach but
this time with washing up liquid was being applied to the gradient posts
and the Museum Carriage at Wirksworth, and this vehicle now has a yellow
end again, rather than a green one.

The DMU team finished all but two of the Met Cam seats and the Rolling
Stock Superintendent displayed his vast talents by fitting axle box pads
to the tanker wagon, oiled the axle boxes of the Saloon and went on, in
a packed programme, to adjust the speedo on Iris. The LMSCA continued
their considerable efforts in the LMS Third Open with the heater plating
being attended to, amongst other things. Also in the general field of
the LMS, the brake van appeared to have turned the corner in so far as
it received its first new bolted-on bit, as opposed to having its bits
ground off, which is what has been taking place so far. The newly
arrived wagon body from another nearby railway received the inevitable
undercoat, under Rule 1001: "Rusting vehicles are not permitted at the EVR".

Finally, the Duty Conscript discovered that it was difficult to hold his
pants up and work at the same time, but nevertheless did a fine job of
removing some of the excess ballast from the platform 3 interlaced track
and applied it to what will be the start of the new picnic area path.
Members of the public standing on the platform felt that green underwear
was fairly tasteful, but possibly not the year's most fashionable colour.

The Booking Hall happily shook some wallets even between showers.

All the best,