Saturday, 26 February 2011

Progress Saturday 26th February 2011

Evening all,

A day which turned out beautiful in the end enabling our charter guests who had a ride to Idridgehay followed by a buffet to enjoy the line at its best.

The DMU team had a triumph today as they successfully connected the centre car up and completed a test run as a 3-car set. It was important to iron out any issues that may have occurred well before the opening. In the end, everything worked as it should with the centre car vacuum cylinders, brake rigging and communication chord all working and the gears, throttle, direction changing etc all working through from one power car to the other.

The 8F group were found to be painting the newly arrived van body so that it is in keeping with our tidiness and the Passenger Services Manager occupied himself inbetween dealing with visitors by fixing various things. The LMSCA were also hard at work getting their coach ready.

Despite great anticipation, as of home time, there was no sign of a tamper. 

Mike Evans via Leigh