Saturday, 19 February 2011

Progress Saturday 19th February 2011

Dear all,

A day which started decidedly snowy in Wirksworth turned into heavy rain to soak us all again!

Today we welcomed a BuyAGift guest who was treated to a ride down the line and a ride up the incline on LJ Breeze. We also welcomed a private charter party who tested the new seats in Iris inbetween visiting our multitasking catering department who put on a fine spread for the charter guests as well as served lunch for the BuyAGift guests.

The DMU team were found hiding in the dry of the centre car. They have now managed to screw the sides, backs and chrome parts onto the seat frames ready for installation on nearly half a vehicles worth. Down below, the 2nd heater was successfully run up for the first time following the return of a faulty fuel solenoid from Turnditch in a working state.

The LMSCA were in full swing mostly working with wooden trim. The Third Open was also prepared ready to receive it's Shitake (with a Japanese twist, it says here) floor covering later in the week. Also in the coach department, the Saloon received a second layer of filler in the necessary places and a first coat of paint around the doors on one side.

It seems like the 8F group were doing some boiler work behind the shed although it seemed that one poor members sole job today was to trudge back and forth to the mess room with bottles of water for the tea brewer.

Mike Evans via Leigh