Saturday, 12 February 2011

Progress Saturday 12th February 2011

Dear all,

A gloriously sunny day saw pockets of progress around the railway. 

The Met-Camm centre car now has a working flow of electrons again which enabled the heaters to blow cool air around the vehicle for the first time since we acquired it. The heaters didn't heat due to the fact we are awaiting the fitting of some small pipes (maybe tomorrow). The lights also work as a result of the flow too. Speaking of heaters, the Class 108 has repairs carried out to it's heater which enabled it to heat the vehicle again. Iris was cleaned internally following the installation of the new seats.

Some repair work was carried out inside the GatEx although it is suspected that it mostly involved tidying up! The LMSCA were continuing work inside their coach and the 8F group seemed to be having a good sort out.

Mike Evans via Leigh