Sunday, 20 February 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 20th February 2011

Dear all,

Another tiring day today, much to do and now precious little time in
which to do it. Again the bulk of effort went towards the Met Cam centre
car and the seats were assembled for the middle compartment so are ready
for fixing. Some preparatory work was done on the three remaining doors
which require attention. One of the two communication cords was rendered
operational. The LMS third open was shunted to platform 1 for its new
floor, which I will refer to as mushroom brown lino, thus being
guaranteed another Japanese spelling lesson. The shunting process, while
sounding simple, took very vital time off the DMU team, and if shunting
can be accomplished during the week or during other operations, this
would help that team for the present time.

Around the site, work proceeded on the LMS brake van and much rust
removal and angle grinding continued. The single duty conscript made
repairs to the north end ramp of platform 3, and the Rod and Mary Show
made serious inroads into the declining condition of the platform
shelter prior to its repainting. The BSK project crept forward with Rob
Green showing particular initiative in the identification of a suitable
steward's seat frame. The Booking Hall dealt with an increasing number
of visitors bearing strange, unusual and sometimes quite barking
enquiries, but its what we do. Training also took place in guard's
knowledge and this is only one part of a little seen and rather
intensive training programme taking place in several departments, behind
the scenes at the moment.

If anyone is interested in taking a greater role in the induction of new
volunteers I would be interested to hear from you (respond to my email
not the group). There is a view, which has considerable merit, that new
volunteers should be inducted in batches once or twice a month. At
present we are inducting people more or less as they walk in the door
and at current levels of effort prior to the Opening one might
reasonably take the view that we should be inducting people at our
convenience rather than interrupt major work when someone walks in and
expects our open arms on the spot: I say this candidly and this in no
way reflects any wish on our part to discourage new volunteers in any way.

All the best,