Sunday, 13 February 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 13th of February 2011

Dear all,

Although the day was damp a great variety of tasks have been undertaken.
Starting at the south end of the line, the philosophy division of the
P-Way gang completed sleeper straightening on four panels of track near
Hazelwood, and a delivery of lamps posts was made for Duffield (to
Wirksworth in the end).

The yard at Wirksworth resounded to the sound of the angle grinder as
work proceeded on the LMS brake van and the brake van team recovered
some useful steelwork, which had formerly been engaged as the doors of
the late dust dock (waste not, want not). This appeared to involve the
use of the longest lever in the universe and thus the application of
science as well as philosophy by our volunteers today. Meanwhile, work
began on the J94 with a small team attending to its smokebox door. Also
on the steam front, a detachment of the Steam Team assisted by Higham
Enterprises replaced the motion (a working part) on number 2217, better
known in these annals as Henry Ellison.

Meanwhile, another magistrate of conscripts had arrived and were issued
with the new wheelbarrow, which bears the proud insignia of the
Passenger Department and when not in operation for conscript duties will
be used to transport inebriated members of the public to their homes,
and will receive the shed code YA for Yokecliffe Avenue. As a
consequence of today's conscript activities, the Wash Green crossover
has had the accumulated leaf fall removed from it; the station approach
has had some of its kerbstones reset, and work has continued to make up
the carriage sidings path.

In the BSK, another carriage project quietly progressing at the moment,
Chris Allenby and Captain Jack have had a lot of wood around for most of
the day, and this has resulted in a rather tasteful partition to
separate the trolley area of the BSK from the bike storage area.

The DMU team, not to be outdone in the field of carriage interiors and
assisted by Moore Enterprises, have rendered one of the two heaters for
the Met Cam centre car operational, and are within a small chuff (a
steam term) of having the other one going. At the other end of the
vehicle, the Ashbourne Mango Show, supervised by Gration Enterprises,
has fitted the backs onto five of the seat frames which will shortly
adorn this fine vehicle.

The Booking Hall happily entertained a number of slightly damp visitors
and some constructive wallet shaking took place, through a fog of nail
varnish remover.

All the best,