Friday, 25 February 2011

Progress Friday 25th February 2011

Dear all
The day started with sheer mayhem and substantial expenditure. Lorries were queuing up at 0900 to deliver 10 tonnes of coal, 10 rails for the long welded section and a van body containing the worldly goods of the 8F group from Darley Dale. The coal was duly unloaded at sites suitable for our own No3 and the visiting 78019. The rails were transferred using the Komatsu from the lorry to the Sturgeon and the van body taken to its new resting place near the Maintenance Facility. A further delivery later in the day brought two substantial bogies suitable for large locomotive boilers.
In amongst this was a customer who luckily only needed the Gorsey Bank line for his tests being ably looked after by Mick Thomas. Rod and Mary tended to the packing of one of the buffers on the Shark. The old packing had completely rotted through and the buffer was hanging down dangerously. A most valuable job very well done.
The LMSCA admired their new flooring and tended to the doors on the east side of the vehicle together with those on the east side of the SK. A broken "butterfly" from the Passenger Communication system was splendidly repaired by our neighbours at the Garage across the road. A very generous gesture of help.
Alan Taylor from the VCT team had gallantly been volunteered to improve the paintwork at Idridgehay and test drove a bleach solution for removing the green mould that despoiled the finish. Success was reported and he also kindly removed the now redundant "passenger trains stop here" board and how the bleach process might be applied to the Up Distant Board that has also gone a slight shade of green.
The dmu team were putting seats together in the Met-Cam centre car and there was general moving of equipment to permit the 8F team's chattels to be landed.
The Booking Hall had a successful day with further opening bookings and two charter requests.
PS All next week sees the tamper in action working south from Idridgehay. Any help with the work necessary would be most welcome.