Friday, 18 February 2011

Progress Friday 18th February 2011

Dear all
The stunning achievement today was the full line test of the Stanier Third Open coach to verify the vacuum brake and the work that had been carried out on the bogies and axle boxes. The whole process was a success and reflects great credit on the LMSCA team and all that helped it happen. It would seem that best guesses are that the vehicle last moved, other than up and down a siding, was some 40 years ago. The only down side at the moment is that you have to provide your own seat.Very well done to all concerned.
More mundane but essential tasks were some preparation for next week's major pw work at Shottle and electrical manoeuvrings to try and get some heat and light into the First Open for a party tomorrow. It would seem that a vital part is awaiting return from Turnditch!
There was a combination of activity between the Booking Hall and the Mark 1 BSK that saw cheques banked and floors painted.  I think it is called multitasking?
A great deal of paperwork, necessary to our future operations, was reviewed and progressed.