Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Progress Tuesday 7th December 2010

Dear all
The view from the Wirksworth Station igloo remained fairly grim but a number of hardy souls tried to keep the show on the road and I am most grateful for their efforts. Further work was undertaken to free points and ensure there was a manageable route for the Santa train equipment to access Ravenstor. Partially successful but the three Dogfish in Wash Green dock stubbornly refused to move and it was decided to await Friday when the temperatures are said to rise before there is another attempt to move them.
A small DST continued with repairs to the back cab on Henry Ellison, overhaul of the brake gear and refurbishment of the connecting rod. Rod and Mary made their way in from even deeper snow to decorate Santa's grotto and the Booking Hall processed Santa bookings which had arrived after around a week of no mail at all.
A lone volunteer spent the day unfreezing the staff toilet, Mess Hall and tending to a flood in the Catering/Training Block. All very unglamorous but quite critical to the wellbeing and comfort of today's team.
Our new Book Keeper, Angela, had the first of her regular Tuesdays with us and has started to master the task of ensuring our accounts are meaningful and up to date.
Based on present information there will be no activity on site tomorrow, an examination of the line to Duffield on Thursday and a full preparation for our first Santa train on Friday.