Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Progress Tuesday 15th December 2010

Dear all
Firstly, an omission from yesterday's report when we provided test facilities for a Severn Tunnel road/rail rescue vehicle operated as a joint project between Network Rail and the Avon Fire Brigade. Ably hosted by Mike Thomas the combined test team of 13 declared that they had a most successful day. Today the PWT set sail for Shottle and removed the raised check rail there as the requirement for this installation has been replaced by the bridge check rail located on the Gorsey Bank line. Attempts to free the southernmost breather switch on the long welded section proved frustrating and warming gear will need to be employed to resolve this problem.
The LMSCA have increased their productivity and worked on the beading within the Third Open and commenced examination and cleaning of the axle boxes. The Komatsu received attention to a failed bracket that supports an oil filter and then went on to excavate the area in the car park previously covered by a lose metal plate. With assistance the plate was placed at a lower level and the whole area filled with ballast removing a long standing hazard.
Peal Oil responded to some pleading on Monday and delivered fuel for the weekend and we also received supplies of the 2011 timetable brochure. The Multicar was taken down the line to discharge the remains of the weed killer in the tank before frost damages the pump and nozzles.
On a most pleasant note I received a most satisfactory and unexpected donation from the Chesterfield branch of the Amicus Union towards our endeavours..