Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Progress Tuesday 14th December 2010

Dear all
After the recent snow it was very satisfying to get back to a near normal Tuesday with a very large team on site. The LMSCA, conscious of deadlines approaching, had their heads down as they ready the Third Open for its starring role next April - no pressure then! The VCT had a splendid turnout of nine encouraged by the prospect of their Christmas lunch at the Puss in Boots claiming to have achieved more in the work morning than usually managed in a full day.
The PWT had a mixed day as they propelled what may have been our weightiest train south with the Sturgeon, 2 Grampus, a Rudd, Flatrol and two Lowmacs added at Shottle together with the Tool Van and Brakevan. The Sturgeon and wagons loaded with bagged stone were deposited at Duffield and three loads of brash transported from Duffield to the burning site. At the close of play the team managed a record three wagon loads of logs of which two were delivered to Shottle and one to Wirksworth.
The DST dealt with preparation of the axle journals and eccentrics of Henry Ellison, started to overhaul the axle boxes, continued work on the foundation ring, coupling rods and connecting rods.
Our lone honorary plumber dealt with four leaks in the Buffet Car and restored a water supply to the Training Room and the plumber's mate returned washed and ironed table cloths to the Gatex and left with a monster order for supplies for the next and final Santa weekend. I am most grateful to both of them for all the effort put into keeping us operational.
The Duke has be put onto display in Platform 1 and the Santa business has received much attention throughout the day.
Many thanks to all concerned for making such a successful day after the frustrations of being buried in snow - there is a lot of catching up to do!