Friday, 31 December 2010

Progress Friday 31st December 2010

Dear all,

The final day of the year and indeed the final progress report of the year too. Today saw some great progress despite it being the holiday season and in fact, we even welcomed a new cadet!

The DMU team started and completed the installation of a new electron storage system for M51188. This took most of the day but the results were excellent, rendering this vehicle usable again.
The team then spent an hour gathering their thoughts regarding the continuing vacuum leak problem on the bubble car.

The service train for tomorrow was prepared. If you are bored (or otherwise) tomorrow or on Sunday, pay us a visit and travel down the line with a glass of Bucks Fizz or orange juice.

Some Class 20 maintenance was performed and at the close of play the newly arrived tank wagon was shunted into a suitable position so that the minor repairs needed to make it usable can take place.

A good day,

Graham Walker via Leigh