Friday, 17 December 2010

Progress Friday 17th December 2010

Dear all
We had a number of brave souls who endured the arctic weather to prepare for the second and last Santa weekend. Dmus were prepared, fuelled and cleaned, the Gatex stock readied and the Saloon rearranged for a party tomorrow. Stores were collected and loaded, the platforms gritted and repairs to the First Open's electrics achieved.
Graham bottomed the reversing fault on L J Breeze and I add an omission form yesterday's report regarding the VCT who, with a very small team, burnt a great deal of the accumulated brash from their Duffield operations.
We were pleased to provide facilities to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch for their training day. Jeff rose to the challenge and provided them all with some welcome hot soup at lunchtime.
We remain short of helpers for service on the Gatex Saturday and Sunday so if you can lend a hand please come on down.
PS - an attempt to make progress next week will see the PWT working with the VCT at Duffield on Tuesday together with unloading of materials for the extension of the Duffield headshunt. Wednesday will again see activity at Duffield associated with the platform supported by the Works Train. There will be no Works Train on Thursday but the Komatsu will be supporting further work on the platform. A general plea for attendance as we have a lot of catching up to do!