Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Progress Wednesday 24th November 2010

Dear all
A little less busy today but the Permanent Way Team achieved some remarkable things in arctic conditions. An historic event was the removal of the buffet stop in our car park for reuse at Shottle. We can no longer say that the first day of clearance started there because it is no more! This recovery will marginally increase the parking space and will allow road vehicles an easier access to deposit the various vehicles arriving and departing from the Railway.Two Grampus and one Rudd were filled with bagged stone from last week's exercise and will be used, in time, to address areas along the line that need a ballast top up. A remarkable recovery took place at Ravenstor where some 26 concrete sleepers donated many years ago have been resting and are now loaded to the Sturgeon for use in our plans to increase the siding capacity at Shottle. The team have made a real contribution by utilising material lying about at Wirksworth and its environs for improvement projects down the line. More sweating of our assets!
Lynette continued her labour of love on the Station garden assisted for a while by Rodney who was having car repairs assessed by our very own Station Garage.