Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Progress Wednesday 17th November 2010

Dear all
A cold, wet and dark day tested the most resolute of our team but, as ever, achievements were made. The PWT set sail to further cleanse the lineside and are finding not only the redundant assets of our own activities but the cast offs of relaying from the 50s and 60s. Nonetheless much more material has been moved to where it may rot in peace.
The PWT's operations were interrupted by a valuable customer whose test day went very well but was lengthy involving all concerned arriving back at Wirksworth after dark. Again many thanks to MKT and Hylton who keep on top of the customers requirements despite the cold and wet conditions.
A scrap collection from Shottle of the wasted rail from Duffield yielded a satisfactory return and suggested renewed efforts to capitalise on this source of income.
I am pleased to report the Phil has taken up the challenge to attend Birmingham University's Independent Competent Person course with the encouragement and aid of our supporter, Associate Professor Felix Schmid, the course leader.