Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Progress Wednesday 10th November 2010

Dear all,
Great to hear from Howard - 9000 posts is quite something and will provide much material for the historians of the Inter Galactic University in 2110 - I wonder what they will make of PWT, VCT, DST, IMT, DMU, S&T and PSD? Perhaps time travel will enable them to appreciate our efforts - they may be with us now! I'm just having a David Ike moment.
Back to reality as I report on the PWT achieving further work to cleanse the lineside of the debris from the relaying programme. Two loads of life expired sleepers were transported from the Shottle to Hazelwood section to their final resting place south of Hazelwood. The Komatsu was in action at Shottle to empty the Rudd of unwanted material from Duffield, discharge the Sturgeon of parts gathered from the S & T store at Wirksworth and remove pointwork previously put to ground but now in the way of extending the Shottle Loop by a further track panel. Two short rails were loaded to the Sturgeon along with a couple of concrete sleepers as part of the plot to extend the headshunt at Duffield.
Back at base the Logging Dept. were in action chopping sticks and many thanks are due to Mick Kingsley who restacked yesterday's fire north of Duffield with the final load of brash delivered.
I should also give a special mention to Richard Buckby who mentored our very own South African Flying Dentist in the fine art of driving L J Breeze - from Piper Aztec to Rolls Royce?